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Hansel And Gretel The Hunt Continues

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Join us as we follow Hansel and Gretel back out of the woods....


Massive thanks to all involved


        Garry Tyler - PGD Photography
        Curtis Jacques - Jacques Photography


       Aaron Bailey 
       Jodie Victoria
       Robyn Elms
       Samantha Flavell


      Liz English - Specail FX makeup

Strobeam FP flash mode - 01 Oct 2013

Using the Strobeam DL-D4 with the battery pack was just a pleasure.The accuracy the power the reliability and capabilty of this little unit just blew me away.In high-speed photography the first thing people jump for is the shutter speed dial on there camera. Well as some of the results of will show you that [...]

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Shooting in a location studio

This Image was shot at the Dublin Photovision RoadshowStunning Results from our Coreflash CF-D300 units and modifiers.In this shot I used 3 heads, a white finish beauty dish with diffusion shower cap for the extra softlite and 2 strip light softboxes. All suspend from an overhead pantograph railing system.This set up was very easy to [...]

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creative backlighting

This image was taken using a very simple 2 light and reflector set up.First my main light was a Strobeam DL-D4 400W/s head with barndoors and honey comb grid, http://www.viewfinderphotography.co.uk/products/Barndoor-kit%2C-HoneyComb-Grid%2C-Color-Gels%2C-Reflector.htmlthis allowed me to control the main light to fall directly onto our model Frances. with out any spill onto the background.Using a silver collapsible reflector [...]

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Wind Machine

Coreflash High powered Wind MachineDuring my days shooting at the Photovision Roadshow in Dublin, I had a chance to use our high powered windmachine http://www.viewfinderphotography.co.uk/products/High-Power-Wind-Machine.htmlThe size and power of this beast my expectations where high.I found the machine very easy to operate with a simple to use viable control dial.The machine took a very brief [...]

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