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Talking with light - with Lighting Consultant Garry Tyler

0116 2910175


Product Description


We offer you the chance to learn from our photographic expertise.

After spending many years working and studying in the field of photography we have extensive knowledge of some of the most upto date equipment and techniques.

Have your chance to join one of our pros on a 1to1 basis for 1 hour long sessions and learn your choice of photographic skills be it from studio work to location lighting, working with high speeds or just want some advice on kiting out your new premises, we offer learn to light basics to advance lighting master classes, or maybe you just need that little hand getting to grips with your camera setting or want to shoot past Auto and Av/Tv modes.

For availability please contact Garry on 07852249093

Have you noticed how everybody is different, some people have long faces some have rounder faces. Some people have hard and rugged looks whilst some are dainty and soft.

Talking with Light  - with Lighting Consultant Garry Tyler is a full day course designed to teach you how to create not just the perfect pose, but also sculpt your subject with modified light in a way that compliments the models features. The days session will be hosted by LUX Photography at their Leicester City Center Studio.


Location - Unit 11 St Marks Works, Foundry Lane, LE1 3WU Leicester, United Kingdom

Lux Photography has a wide range of studio equipment and props designed to make your images unique.  

NB. Is it essential that participants have a basic understanding of ISO, shutter speed and aperture control.

This course is designed to teach you how to light your subject correctly, and has no post processing elements to the course.


Introduction - Have a chance to meet your lighting consultant and model and enjoy a nice cuppa with them

Learn to position your lighting - During this phase of the day we will learn about different face shapes and making the most out of them by simply positioning your model and lights correctly

Have your chance to create - During this part of the day we will break you down into small groups where you will have your chance to get your hands on the lighting kit, and see what movements make what changes

Break for lunch - We will be laying out a buffet spread on the day, so you can relax and take a few moments out whilst you refuel.

Modifing your light - During this part of the course we will look at the effects created to each shot by using a harder, softer wider or more direct source of light

Finalising an image - At this point you will have a chance to go back to your group and reshoot your original shot, using the new knowledge of modifiers and change the look of it by choosing the required softness from your light source and modifier for your style of image

During this full day session we aim to teach you the advantages and disadvantages of placing your light correctly and how to modify that light to create the shadows detail required for your final image. 


Position Your lighting

• Clam shell lighting 

• Rim lighting 

• Rembradt lighting

• Loop lighting

• Hair lighting

• Lighting your background

Once going though the different positions you will have your chance to work as a group and to set up the look you would like to create using the positions we cover.


After this we will take a short break for an included lunch buffet. (details to be confirmed - please advise on any diety requirements)


With so many choices of positioning your light, and many more options of positioning your model this masterclass on lighting will help you to get a better understanding of the ways light can change the way we look.  After getting to grips with positioning your lights we will then further this control with brushing up on the differences between a range of modifiers, how to control the shadow edge and detail in the light, how to break away from standard softbox lighting and create a much more visually appealing image.

Modifying your light sources will encompase:

• Softboxes with and without grids

• Beauty dishes with and without grids

• Deepdish reflectors with and without grids

At this point we will return to the lighting setups you have tried and change the modifiers accordingly to compliment the look you were going for.

By the end of the day you will have a great understanding of how to create different looks for your photography.

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