55cm (21.6") Wavy Beauty Dish (White) with Honeycomb Grid

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The PIXAPRO ® 55cm Wavy Beauty Dish has a unique design that captures and focuses light with maximum efficiency. This Wavy Beauty Dish is an immense development compared to the standard beauty dishes, which can only focus a portion of the light available.

The PiXAPRO Wavy Beauty Dish creates an even core of light surrounded by a smoothly graduated edge. It is a very popular choice for Fashion and beauty photographers and is also becoming a popular choice for portrait photographers. The beauty dish produces a soft light, with a little more contrast compared to the light from a softbox, which is great for accentuating facial features and pulling out more details in your image. Beauty Dishes also produce pleasing perfectly round catch lights in the eyes of your subjects. Beauty dishes produce their unique light qualities by bouncing the light from the back of the deflector dish (located in front of the flash-tube) into a parabolic reflector, which then sends the light forward, producing a contrasty yet soft wrapping light. The honeycomb grid clips onto the outer edge of the beauty dish which helps to narrow and better angle the light source, reducing any unwanted light spill and potential loss of light.

The Wavy Beauty Dish is shaped to intercept all paths of light and redirect them towards the subject. This Beauty Dish has a white interior, which produces a warmer, slightly less contrasty look, compared to that of its silver counterparts. Since the interior surface is not as reflective compared to that of a Silver beauty dish, specular highlights are also reduced. This beauty dish has a user-changeable adapter ring, giving you the ability to attach it to many different studio flash systems such as Elinchrom, Bowens etc. All you need to do is to order an additional adapter ring from us, so you can use this beauty dish with your new brand of flash system.


  • Ideal for portraits, fashion and beauty photography
  • Creates pleasing round catch lights in the eyes of your subject.
  • White interior provides a warmer, less contrasty light compared to that of a silver beauty dishes.
  • Interchangeable mount rings so there is no need to buy a whole new beauty dish if you decide to change flash systems in the future.
  • Unique Wavy design to focus light with maximum efficiency
What’s In the Box
  • 1x 55cm Wavy Beauty Dish
  • 1x Honeycomb Grid