Alligator Clamp with Single Hotshoe Adapter, Ball Head Design

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This Pixapro Alligator clamp can be used for attaching your background reflector or speedlite flash to your light stand or clamp to most surfaces. You can mount it on any light stand with a 5/8” socket or stud. This clamp also features a ball head with hot shoe connection for mounting speedlite. The rubber cap on the clamp gives your equipment great protection, this is a very useful tool for photographers.

NOTE: Not compatible with Sony or Minolta flashes

Single Hot Shoe Adapter

The Alligator clamp features a single hot shoe adapter to allow a speedlight to be mounted on the clamp to attach to any surface with a thickness up to approx. 4cm.

Ball Joint

The Alligator clamp features a hot shoe that features a ball head allowing you to adjust and position the light easily.

5/8” Compatible Mount

The Alligator clamp has a mount which allows it to be attached to any 5/*” Socket or stud/spigot.

Rubber Caps

The Alligator Clamp has Rubber Caps to provide added protection when gripping to prevent any marks or damage.

The Alligator Clamp is a handy piece of equipment that has a variety of uses to be able to attach a speedlight or Background Reflector to a light stand or clamp to most surfaces. Making this Clamp suitable for any Photographers Arsenal. 

  • Attach a Speedlite or Background to most surfaces
  • Can mount to a 5/8" Spigot/Stud
  • Clamp has Rubber Caps for added protection
What’s In the Box
  • 1x PIXAPRO Alligator Clamp with Ball Head