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An evening with the Whaleman - Duncan Murrell - 8 March 2018 at 19:00–21:00

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An Evening with the Whaleman - £15.00
A rare opportunity to hear the words of the wise.

My first inspirations into photography came from listening to Duncan talk about his passion for the world through the lens. As a very young child I sat in awe listening, yet not knowing how contagious Duncan's passion would be.
25 years later Duncan has left his mark on me, as I pursue my own career in photography, his tales of Whales and stories from the side of the mountain have left me with a passion for photography only rivalled by his own. 
Duncan has been working in the trade for longer than I can remember, covering wildlife photography, street photography, portrait and much much more. Working away in the furthest corners of the planet and capturing wildlife images for the likes of the BBC, Duncan is well versed in many techniques, using whatever is required to capture the image, be it macro, underwater, working in high humidity, in forests or out of his backpack and kayak.Duncan has pushed himself and his gear to the extreme to capture that one shot.

This exciting evening will be a fascinating recap of some of Duncan's best experiences.