Baby Splash

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Please Note this is a Brand new session!

This fun filled baby photo session for 1 infant only, during which we use special techniques and the illusion of photography and flash to capture something extraordinary that shows a real messy baby!

We take the time to produce fantastic fun, colourful images, to add a splash of colour to your home.
This session includes an 11" x 14" print ready for you to put on the wall

The 30 minute session is a highly controlled session using poster paints combined with specialist camera and lighting techniques to capture you something completely unique.
This session is directed towards infants who are sitting up but not quite running off. During this session we will add paint to your infants baby grow and paint will be thrown in the air to create an effect that the paint appears to be going over the child.

Please Note: we do not actually throw paint at your child this is an illusion

Health and Safety:

Any skin complaints, this session should be avoided, poster paints are used in this session, any concerns please contact a memeber of our team directly.

Clothing for this session will be advised by one of our team.

Avoid making plans directly after the session.

This session is for children of 6 months to 1 year only.

All infants must be accompanied by a parent/legal guardian.

Please be aware that this is a wet session appropriate footwear must be worn to avoid slipping.