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Hansel And Gretel The Hunt Continues

Posted by Garry Tyler on 17th Nov 2015

Join us as we follow Hansel and Gretel back out of the woods.... ... var cpo = []; cpo["_object"] ="cp_widget_cc14d44b-31bc-44dd-b8dd-fce22b4c1db3"; cpo["_fid"] = "AsEACFtnAhaq"; var _cpmp = _ … read more

Strobeam FP flash mode - 01 Oct 2013

Posted by Garry Tyler on 5th Feb 2014

Using the Strobeam DL-D4 with the battery pack was just a pleasure.The accuracy the power the reliability and capabilty of this little unit just blew me away.In high-speed photography the first thing … read more

Shooting in a location studio

Posted by Garry Tyler on 15th Sep 2013

This Image was shot at the Dublin Photovision RoadshowStunning Results from our Coreflash CF-D300 units and modifiers.In this shot I used 3 heads, a white finish beauty dish with diffusion shower cap … read more

creative backlighting

15th Sep 2013

This image was taken using a very simple 2 light and reflector set up.First my main light was a Strobeam DL-D4 400W/s head with barndoors and honey comb grid, … read more

Wind Machine

15th Sep 2013

Coreflash High powered Wind MachineDuring my days shooting at the Photovision Roadshow in Dublin, I had a chance to use our high powered windmachine … read more