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Shooting in a location studio

Posted by Garry Tyler on 15th Sep 2013

This Image was shot at the Dublin Photovision Roadshow
Stunning Results from our Coreflash CF-D300 units and modifiers.
In this shot I used 3 heads, a white finish beauty dish with diffusion shower cap for the extra softlite and 2 strip light softboxes. All suspend from an overhead pantograph railing system.
This set up was very easy to install we had a 2 hour window to fix and secure our ceiling mounted system and set everything up ready for a day of photography and sales. We used the pantograph system for this as it allowed a straightforward quick and easy stand that was capable of supporting all the equipment safely and still allowed plenty of movement and control of the lighting
The lighting used where the studio lights from Coreflash the CF-D300, This robust compact model was hung from the ceiling rail system, and worked hard all day long, without missing a beat.
It was set up as a 3 head kit using a 55cm Beautydish and 2 strip light softboxes, all on wireless trigger systems, we had a few triggers so people were able to come and try for themselves making the lights work hard for the public as well. I shot all day long with modeling lamps on and varying power setting, the lights preformed well gave a great colour temperature all day and were not at all bothered with overpower hot halogen lamps of the exhibition hall. I think the built in fan cooling on these units helped us there.
Our model Piyanuch worked well for the day and gave us a great finish to our set up.