RERUN The Photography Socially Distanced - Weekly - Aimée Simpson

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Entry Fee- £20.00

Date: Friday 7th May 
Time - 6:30 - 9pm
Theme - The Mad Scientist
Model - Aimée Simpson

Maximum attendees - 5

Please note this is a remote session, you will be handed control of the remote rig via zoom all you require is a laptop or computer. 


Aimée Simpson

Our weekly session is working with one of our house models on a themed session and we generally break it down into a 3 part set up.

The session will start at 6:30 where you will all get time to sign in chat away and have a little catch up with one another, during this time I will also go through the control system and answer any questions you may have regarding the remote rig and file handling.

At about 7pm we will be handing over the controls of the rig to each of you in turn via screen share, for each set.

Everybody gets to stay in the room whilst each other shoot, and we ask one another to respect each others shooting time by avoid too much background noise, we rotate you all in and out of each set up and keep a note of file numbers.

After the session out techs upload the raw files into your individual dropbox folder and ensure you have the links to your own images.

General Format with an added theme (check The Photography Social Page for most upto date themes) 

Set 1: Coloured gels, we will have a preset series of colours too match the outfits.

Set 2: Themed set build think Bunsen burners, test tubes and an assortment of bright coloured chemicals and UV.

Set 3: Make up, our model will have her makeup and hair done to match the theme of the evening

Order and variety of sessions may vary depending on theme


Teas and Coffees as always are available. Its your home after all ;)