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creative backlighting

15th Sep 2013


This image was taken using a very simple 2 light and reflector set up.

First my main light was a Strobeam DL-D4 400W/s head with barndoors and honey comb grid,
this allowed me to control the main light to fall directly onto our model Frances. with out any spill onto the background.
Using a silver collapsible reflector I was able to push a little bit of light back in under the chain to create a nice soft balanced lighting effect.
The background, a white wrinkle free was then lit by a single speedlight at 1/2 power and modified by using theSpeedlight diffusion-globe
This little dome created a beautiful soft light that was behind Frances and threw great looking shadows from the chair as well.
The light was very easy to mount straight onto a superclamp, which was more than strong enough to take the weight of the light and dome.
photography studio