DSLR Camera sensor cleaning

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You and your camera will travel many roads together, and like a car it pays to keep your camera clean both inside and out.
If you have your camera system for work then you need to make sure that your hardware is clean and preforming at its peek.
If you have your camera to capture those magic moments of life then the last thing you want is a blob of dust on that sensor.
And if you shoot simply for fun then that camera is your pride and joy and should be loved.

The sensors on cameras with an interchangeable lens can over time become susceptible to dirt or dust – especially if you are often changing lenses and a piece of dirt on that sensor could ruin that perfect picture.

We first access the requirements for a sensor, by producing a test shot and loading it up into photoshop and pushing the levels to accentuate and show any dust, dirt or debris that may be present, after this if we feel your sensor requires a clean we use a wet clean process for your sensor, this is the most effective and safest clean for your camera’s sensor in a quick time frame.
Once complete we will then repeat the test shot process so you can see the difference

We recommend that your sensor is cleaned around every 6 months, more frequently if regular lens changes are made and definitely before any major events and occasions if trading.