#GetInspiredByDance - Ballet featuring Nico Dee - 5th Sept 2019 7pm - 9pm

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#GetInspiredByDance - Ballet 
With Nico Dee

Price £15.00

Nico is an experienced model and dancer and therefore has worked at a dance level many times in front of the camera. What she will bring to our dance sessions will be a for-nominal performance that will allow our members to achieve some first class results with a ballet themed dance event! 
In her own words; 


Ballet - I am able to work En pointe and perform ballet poses and moves. I have previous dance experience in ballet, contemporary, lyrical and urban.
Flexibility - I can easily and can hold this for some time, cat splits, splits in the air as well as a multitude of leaps and jumps.
Strength - I have been in and out of bodybuilding for 4 years now, with my max lift of leg pressing 300kg so far new PR!. My weight training has given me a curvaceous physique with a round bottom and small waist.  I have a strong core and can perform a variety of difficult poses.


I have pale porcelain skin, with soft features. Green eyes and a small sloped nose. I have 8 tattoos all of which are tasteful delicate feminine pieces. I do have scars, I leave this to your discretion if you prefer to keep in or edit out, they are visible in some of my work on here, I will not be offended if you'd rather edit them out, or if you chose to keep them in or even use them as part of the shoot. I am 5ft2 but despite my height I give the appearance of being tall due to my long looking athletic legs. I have a curvaceous shape with 38 inch circumference hips to glutes and 25 inch waist. I have small pert breasts with suit my frame. Toned and kept in shape body.

I normally wear a very natural amount of makeup or subtle smokey eye, if you would like more glam makeup then please request this in advance, thank you. 
I am fully comfortable to wear no makeup on request also.