Learn to light - Studio Lighting Workshop - 3 point lighting - Sun 24th Feb 2019 6pm - 9pm

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Max attendees 8
Model- 1
Date/Time - Sun 24th Feb 2019 6pm - 9pm

During this 3 hour session we will be covering
  •  Setting up the Studio lighting
  •  Setting up the camera
  •  Lighting your subject with one light
  •  Lighting your subject with 2 lights
  •  Lighting your subject with 3 lights
  •  Shaping the lights with different tools

This session is tailored for the audience on the evening.

We take the time to start with one light and build up to the 3 light set up allowing us to really understand what each light is doing.

Once familiar with the lighting and the power levels we will then start to adjust the lights using light shaping tools to allow you to get a better understanding as to why we would use a softbox or a beauty dish.

This is a hands on session where you will need to bring a camera with you and have the chance to capture some stunning imagery.

We limit the numbers in our learning sessions to ensure everyone gets a chance to work with both the instructor and model and achieve some first class results whilst gaining the knowledge to confidently work by yourself.

Our model will be working with professional make up and fashion to fit, giving you the chance to create something unique.

With our knowledge, equipment and hand picked models, Your creativity will be unleashed & the results will be first class.

Our Leicester studio is fully equipped with high end lighting equipment, and range of modifiers, gels and grids to help control your lights, wind machines, smoke machines, white and black full length backdrops and not forgetting our lighting and photographic tech.


Teas and coffees will be provided

Studio Session location

78 Friday St (Quad Studios)

If you want to suggest a model or you are a model and would like to do a studio session just get in touch by email or call me on 0116 2910175