PiXAPRO CITI600 PRO All-in-1 Portable Flash Remote Head

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The PiXAPRO Remote Head for the CITI600 PRO outdoor flash head enables you to separate the head from the main body of the CITI600 PRO, just like a pack-and-head system. This convenient little accessory makes hand-holding the CITI600 PRO a lot easier on your assistants, as well as being less of a strain on lighter-weight lighting stands boom arms etc.


Extension Cable

The Remote head features an extension cable which plugs into the Citi600 Pro’s flash-tube socket.


LED Modelling Light

The remote head uses its own modelling light while you attach the extension cable to the front of your CITI600 Pro Light.


Bowens S-Type Accessory Mount

The Remote Head has a Bowens S-Type accessory mount which will enable you to mount a wide variety of modifiers that are available on the market with including the ones you may already have for your CITI 600 Flash.


Other Accessory (Sold Separately)

The Main body of the CITI600 PRO head can be carried over the shoulder using the Portable Shoulder Bag for CITI600 (Sold Separately) when the remote head is being hand-held by an assistant.


The Remote Flash Head for CITI600 PRO is the perfect solution for the photographer who require their lights to be Hand-Held by an assistant or needs their light on a boom.

PLEASE NOTE: CITI600 PRO Flash Head, Flash Tube and Shoulder Bag are not Included with this product. Requires CITI600 PRO to operate.

  • Enables you to separate the head from the main body of the CITI600 PRO like a pack and head flash system.
  • Remote head features its own LED modelling Lamp and S-Type Mount
  • Makes it easier for an assistant to hand-hold the flash whilst CITI600 PRO body is be carried over the shoulder in optional carry bag (sold separately).
What’s In the Box
  • 1x CITI600 PRO Remote Head