PiXAPRO Sliding-Leg C-Stand with 50inch Boom, and Caster Wheels

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The PIXAPRO 300cm Sliding-Leg C-Stand with 50inch Boom and Caster Wheels bundle, is the perfect addition to any photographer’s or videographer’s arsenal. It enables you to securely mount your equipment, and effortlessly move it around the studio. With its solid stainless steel construction, the 300cm Turtle-Based C-Stand is durable, ideal for use with heavier light and modifier combinations. This makes it be the perfect tool for any portrait, beauty, product, fashion, event, wedding photographers or videographers, in a fixed location or to travel with. The C-Stand’s Sliding leg enable it to be used on uneven surfaces, which otherwise would not be possible with traditional c-stands.

300cm Sliding-Leg C-Stand with Boom

2-Sectioned Telescopic Design – The 300cm stand features a  one-tiered, two-sectioned design, which enables it to have a maximum light of 300cm (Approx. 10’) and a minimum height of 145cm (Approx. 49”).

50 Inch Boom Arm – This C-Stand comes with a 50inch Stainless-steel boom, with two grip heads, enabling you to mount lights or accessories to it for maximum versatility.

Sliding Leg Design – This C-Stand features a sliding leg, which enables it to be placed on uneven surfaces, such as ramps or stairs. Perfect for photographer or videographers who shoot on location.

Nested Legs  – The C-Stand legs feature a nested design, which enables them to be folded flat when not in use. Their nested design also allows multiple c-stands to be placed closer together than what is possible with regular light stands.

Max. Load Capacity – The stand has a maximum load capacity of approximately 10kg, making it more than capable of holding medium-sized to large studio lights with large modifiers.

Stainless Steel Construction – The 300cm stand is made from Stainless Steels, making it strong, durable, and resistant to corrosion. Perfect for photographers or cinematographers who require something extra sturdy to mount their lights and accessories to.

Caster Wheels

Cast-Iron Construction –The connector block section of the caster wheels is made from Cast Iron, making them extremely hard-wearing and durable.  

Rubber Wheels – Each of the 75mm wheels themselves, are made from a hard-wearing rubber material, which prevents the stand from skidding. The wheels are suitable for use on both carpet, and hard floors, making them highly versatile.

Lockable Brakes – Each of the caster feature independently lockable brakes, enabling you to lock the stand in place, preventing it from accidentally being moved out of position.

The PIXAPRO 300cm Turtle-Based C-Stand and Caster Wheels bundle is perfect for photographers and videographers who want the ability to move their lights around the studio with the greatest of ease.

  • Equipped with one 5/8 inch spigot, 2 of 2.5" grip head and 50" boom arm
  • Features a unique sliding leg which can be moved up and down the central column
  • Can use the C-stand on uneven surfaces
  • The boom arm is fully detachable allowing you use it as a regular C Stand
  • Comes with Caster Wheels for easy manoeuvrability
What’s In the Box
  • 1x PIXAPRO Sliding-Leg C-Stand
  • 2x 2.5" Grip Heads
  • 1x 50" Boom Arm
  • 1x Set of Three Caster Wheels