#StrictlyCosplay RESIDENT EVIL - 4 hr special

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Resident Evil

Saturday 29th Feb 7pm - 11pm 4 hours special

10 attendees split into 2 groups of 5

Cast - Alice – Aimee Simpson
         S.T.A.R.S - Leon Kennedy – Jack Lincoln Wood
         Albert Wesker – Aaron Bailey
         Tyrant - Costume
         Zombies x2 – Make up
         Innocents/Victims x 1 – Props and make up

Props - T- Virus x2 (1 broken)
           Green/blue/red Herb

Date/Time - Saturday 29th Feb 2020 - 7pm - 11pm

Will include sets that are out of the studio and outside.

Studio – White backdrop, single light large softbox
             Black backdrop 2 strip boxes both split lights using black out boards
             Light table for prop shots

Set 1 – Top of stair well – First Zombie sighting from Resident Evil 1 - 7:15pm - 8pm

Set 2 -  Outside - Open area Alice's killing zone - 8:15pm - 9pm

Set 3 - Outside - Alley stand off Alice Vs Wesker Vs Tyrant  - 9:15pm - 10pm

Set 4 - Corridor Scene - Corridor Chase - 10:15 - 11pm

Each scene runs for 45 mins each group gets 20 mins in each set, whilst they are not on set they are in the studio, with a chance to use the high key/low key and prop set ups to get shoots of the models and props not used in the active set.

Required equipment:
DSLR/Mirrorless Camera with Hotshoe, 50mm lens plus any others you may wish to use, warm clothing, torch, tripod.

Our PGD make up team will be at it again this time creating a horror show with real live scenes, sets, zombies and monsters to help you guys create some fun filled, gruesome and extraordinarily scary content. 

Our models and actors will be working with horror and gore make up, in sets in and out of the studio, giving you the chance to create something unique. 

With our knowledge, equipment and hand picked models, Your creativity will be unleashed & the results will be first class.

Our Leicester studio is fully equipped with high end lighting equipment, and range of modifiers, gels and grids to help control your lights, wind machines, smoke machines, white and black full length backdrops and not forgetting our lighting and photographic tech.


Teas and coffees will be provided

Studio Session location

78 Friday St (Quad Studios)

If you want to suggest a model or you are a model and would like to do a studio session just get in touch by email or call me on 0116 2910175