Studio Hire

Our studio space is fully staffed by owner and photographer myself - Garry Tyler.

We provide a full range of professional photographic studio services for all. We are fully equipped with top of the range digital photographic equipment as well as various backgrounds and props. This gives us the edge over a lot of places as we have a great space and plenty of toys to play with. Allowing us to also run one of the midlands busiest and widest range of photographic events and club nights.
studio-floor-plan-final.jpgWe offer a wide range of studio hire services suitable to fit all your needs

By the Hour - This is a simple fast way to get yourself into the studio and shoot your project - £27
Full day rate - This is an 8 hour session where you will have the ability to take your time work through projects and and work in a studio as though it were your own - £165

1/2 Day rate - This is an 4 hour session where you will have the ability to take your time work through projects and and work in a studio as though it were your own - £86

Studio Share Scheme - This is the chance for you to take 12 hours of the studio across a month period, only 4 places on the scheme available per month and will be accessed on a waiting list. Your time can be taken in maximum slots of up to 4 hours at a time and is a great chance to get familiar with kit and work on ongoing projects - £135

We are currently just moving into a new venue in which we have several sets ready planned to go. Along with our sets we have a wide range of new Pixapro lighting, tools and supports.
Included and available for all sets - 
6 x Citi 600 watt battery capable flash heads
2 x Storm 600 watt super fast recycle flash heads
2 x Citi 300 watt battery capable flash heads and bi-colour LED video lights
2 x LED 100 MKII 100w S-fit LED continous heads
1x LED ringlight
1x Orbital 600 turntable for products

We have also got a parallel boom stand and a couple traditional heavy duty booms, some ceiling railing tracks, and wall mounted areas allowing you to light without having stands in shot.

In terms of light shapers we have a huge array of softboxes, beautydishes, umbrellas, grids, reflectors, deep dishes, snoots, conical spots and Fresnels, along with our in house tech on site to aid in your usage.

Studio 1 - We will have Leicestershires first 5m deep and 5m wide drive in infinity cove including our bespoke handmade 3D Mosaic backdrop.

Studio 2 Another drive in studio this time in the blackhole 3.5 x 5m, this will also feature our reloaded set as we add multiple LED tubes from the ceiling in a range of colours.

Studio 3 - Checkmate - Featuring a 4x3m checked floor, a range of paper rolls including our retro cupboard and kitchen set.

Studio 4 - Laminated - Featuring a 3x6m laminated floor section, with paper backdrop rolls, also included here is our flower wall and our chaise lounge.

We also have a few sets that we can easily build up 

Set 7 - Caged - Our custom designed cage will always be available for usage, lightweight and able to be constructed in combination with other sets.

Set 8 - Boxed - Our posing cube

Set 9 - Shattered - Yes our broken mirror set will be returning and this time we are going full length

Set 10 - Barbie and Action-man - Yeah, not the usual pairing, but we were once gifted some life-size boxes, so why not get your best frocks or camo-gear out and get into character.


We also have got a range of chairs and stools, posing blocks, a bean bag, a bed, a dresser, a full length mirror large reflective black gloss panel and plenty other traditional props as well.

 I am DBS checked and our studio offers a Covid safe sets Certification. We pride ourselves on offering a safe, friendly and comfortable environment for models, photographers and other industry professionals.

                  dbs-example.jpg   15aa845d-197b-430c-92f5-728d0bf2b708.jpg


We run weekly events, for a wide range of different themes and host a selection of photography social groups on facebook #StrictlyCosplay, #GetInspiredByDance, #LearnToLight and The Photography Social.

For our weekly events list, please check out our Facebook Group-
 The Photography Social 
Creative Photography Events
PGD Remote Shoots

or the main Facebook page PGD Photography        

We can also offer any location shoot upon request, whether its family home shoots for any occasion or launching your new catalogue and needing a fresh new look, we can cater for everybody.

Cancellation policy

All bookings are subject to our cancellation policy. Once you have confirmed your booking you are bound to our terms and conditions and have agreed to the cancellation policy.

Any cancellations must be notified 72 hours before the booking is due to commence.
If notified within 72 hours prior to the booking, we will retain 50% of the agreed booking fee.