Super Handheld Boom

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The PIXAPRO Super Handheld Boom is designed primarily for use with small flashes such as Speedlites and Bare Bulb Flashes, or larger flashes such as the CITI600 Series with a Remote Head, or other Lightweight Pack and Head Flash Systems. The Super Handheld boom is great for Times When You Need Your Assistant to Hold Your Lights in Hard to Reach Places in locations where you are unable to put a light stand down, giving you much more flexibility with your lighting. This makes it ideal use in Commercial, Portrait, Lifestyle or Fashion Photography.

The boom can either be used Handheld by an Assistant or Braced Against the Ground, using its Durable Rounded Steel Foot. It features a Foam Rubber Grip Handle, which enables the boom to be held comfortably by your assistant.

The boom can be Extended Anywhere Between 77.5cm, Up to Approximately 246cm in length and weighs in at approximately 0.9kg, making it light enough to be handheld. The boom itself is Air-Cushioned and features a Reversible 5/8” Flat-Sided Spigot with a 1/4” and a 3/8” screw thread. The flat-sided nature of the spigot prevents your lights or accessories from rotating whilst in use.

The PiXAPRO Super Handheld Boom is perfect for photographers or Videographers who often shoot on location where the use of light stand and tripods are not permitted.

  • Air-Cushioned to prevent sudden drops.
  • Features an ergonomic Foam-Rubber grip handle for comfort
  • Hard-wearing Rounded Steel Foot designed for resting the boom on the ground
  • Ideal for use with small or lightweight flashes, Pack and head systems or Microphones
What’s In the Box
  • 1x Super Handheld Boom