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Wind Machine

15th Sep 2013


Coreflash High powered Wind Machine

During my days shooting at the Photovision Roadshow in Dublin, I had a chance to use our high powered windmachine
The size and power of this beast my expectations where high.
I found the machine very easy to operate with a simple to use viable control dial.
The machine took a very brief moment to get up to speed which was surprisingly quick.
Once a few seconds had past the machine was starting to move massive volumes of air, making it possible to move the hair of our model|modeling from a great distance keeping the wind machine back and out the way of customers trying to look on and see.
During this demonstration I had prepared myself to raise my voice to be heard over the small wind turbine, however I found that even running it a full power (which was not needed) I was still able to be heard over the machine.
The power was fantastic and the noise level was not too intrusive, the control was easy to use and the overall performance more than satisfactory and surpassed my expectations.
This machine wins in price, spec and preformance to any other wind machine I have tested from the likes of thebowens jetstrem to the Exan windtunnels

An absolute deal at £325.00 ex VAT