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Working in the Rain - friday 9th December 2016 with Nikita Crombie

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This will be a fun filled location shoot, whatever the weather. We will be taking you into Leicester city and use some of the creative existing backdrops the city has to offer combined with the idea of working in the wet.

Working in the rain with model Nikita and how all the elements come together! 

We will be taking model Nikita Crombie out onto location and getting her soaked. During this session our team will be showing you the essentials of shooting in cold and wet environments, the do's and don'ts when working with water, lighting and models combined with composition and lighting techniques that will turn any grotty miserable day into stunning sparkling portrait backdrop.

This will be a one hour evening session starting at 8:00pm in the evening where consultant Garry will take you through a few varied setups to give you some fantastic results. 

This photography workshop will be starting at 8:00pm on Friday 9th Dec in Leicester city!

You will learn about kit protection and best practices in all weather combined with functionality of the equipment in use. 

If of course we do not have the required weather, tools and water will be brought to site to replicate the rainfall.

For this session you will be required to have a DSLR and a basic understanding of shutter, aperture and ISO control.