PiXAPRO STORM III 400 800Ws High-Speed Super-Fast Twin Umbrella Kit (400/400)

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The STORM III 400 800W High Speed Super-Fast Twin Head Kit is a very versatile Kit and is a great choice when wanting to capture action and movement. In this Kit is included  2x STORM II 400W flashes providing you with a combined power of 800Ws,with their Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors (IGBT) Technology you can achieve extremely short flash durations, as well as  ultra-fast Recycling times, enabling you to capture fast motion such as dancing, jumping and even water splashes with ease. With a built-in receiver and a variety of different modes from HSS to the multi burst, it is perfect for people who want to capture the perfect Action shot or fluid movement such as Martial arts, Dancers, Athletes and Fitness. Also included in this kit are 2x light weight and durable 240cm Air cushioned Stand, 2x 40” Translucent White Umbrella which will provide an even, soft, wide light spread, 2x150W Modelling Bulbs, 2x 7" Reflector all provided in a practical, portable  Rolling Case for easy storage or taking out on to a location. This kit has been created to be adaptable and suitable to a wide variety of photography industries including shooting Weddings, Portraits, Fashion, Sports and Advertising. It is especially good for imaging children.

This product is provided with a UK 3-Pin Power cable, if you require an EU power cable please notify us when purchasing your item.

  • Super-Fast Recycle times of between 0.05-0.9s
  • Super-Fast Flash Duration up to 1/35086 second
  • Built-In 2.4GHz ST-III Receiver
  • High-Speed Sync up to 1/8000 second
  • Stroboscopic Flash and Rear-Curtain Sync Mode
  • Optic slave S1/S2 triggering modes with 150W modelling lamp
  • 8-Stop Power range (1/1 – 1/128)
  • S-Type Bayonet mount for a large variety of modifier options.
What’s In the Box
  • 2x STORM II 400 Flash Head
  • 2x 150W Modelling Bulb
  • 2x Glass Protector Dome
  • 2x Protector Cap
  • 2x Power Cable
  • 2x Light Stands
  • 2x Standard Reflector
  • 2x 40" Translucent Umbrella
  • 1x Roller Case



Flash Duration: can achieve flash durations of up to 1/35086 second for sharper images and capturing motion or movement.

Super-Fast Recycling times: thanks to the IGBT Technology it boasts a super-fast recycling time, as fast as 0.05 seconds, which is fast enough to keep up with the Multi-Bust mode on most of DSLR cameras on the market.

Power Range: has an 8-stop power range (1/1 – 1/128 power) in 1/10th stop power increments with 16 controllable groups and 32 different channels to provide maximum flexibility and control with your flash.

Flash Modes: high-Speed Sync mode (up to 1/8000 sec) to help overpower the sun, and a multi-flash mode, with a  range 2 and 100 flashes at a frequency between 1 and 99Hz (flashes per second), which allows you to create many different effects such as stroboscopic photography, and Rear curtain Sync mode.

Built in 2.4GHz flash receiver: allows it to be used in conjunction with the ST-III, ST-IV, ECO 2.4 or Pro AC 2.4GHz flash Triggers. This allows you to control your flash heads remotely such as flash power settings, Modelling lamp on/off, changing groups & channels and Triggering. (making it also part of the ONE System)

S-Type accessory mount: making it compatible with a wide range of accessories and modifiers.  


40” Translucent Umbrella

Translucent-white Nylon: high quality Nylon has been used for Durability and the white colour Produces soft, wide-spread light, ideal for lighting large areas.

Lightweight Eight-Spoked Metal Frame: comes with an 8mm shaft for allowing it to collapse to a compact form for easy transportation and for a quick and easy set up.

Universal: can be mounted to any studio lighting fixture that can take an umbrella.



Tier Extension: making it collapsible to a height of 75cm and fully extend to 240cm.

Air Cushioned Dampening System: this helps to prevent any sudden drops to minimise the risk of damage to your equipment or causing injury to yourself.

Detachable Spigot: comes with the most popular universal 1/4" and 3/8” thread which makes it easy to use with other units up to 5kg.


Roller Case

Padded Interior: providing maximum protection for your equipment, and can be divided into up to six compartments.

Strong Carry Straps: fixated around the bag to ensure that you can move the roller case around when using heavier equipment.

Large Castor Wheels: comes with two wheel so it can be used to wheel the case around making it easy for using on location or just travelling across town to shoot an event.


The PIXAPRO® STORM II 400 High Speed Super-fast Twin Kit is a simple, easy-to-use kit which offers many features suitable for both amateur and professional photographers. This is the perfect kit to give crisp sharp images whilst boasting super fast recycle times and flash duration to capture motion. This kit includes everything you will need to get those outstanding shots, with 2x STORM II 400 Flash heads with Built in Receiver, boasting a simple user friendly interface, 2x 150w Modelling bulbs, 2x sturdy and durable lighting stands for a secure mounting platform for your units and 2x umbrellas to offer a wide spread diffused light softening any harsh shadow, it includes everything you need. The kit can also be packed away in the included roller case to make transporting the kit just as easy as or even putting away in storage. This kit has been created to be adaptable and suitable to a wide variety of photography industries including shooting weddings, portraits, fashion, sports and advertising. It is especially good for imaging children.



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