RICO240B MKII 46cm (18") LED Bi-Colour Ringlight

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The PIXAPRO RICO240B MKII LED Ringlight is the new and improved version of the RICO240, offering adjustable colour temperature between 3200K (tungsten) and 5600K (Daylight) and Sony NP-F (L Series) battery compatibility. It has a Colour Rendition Index (CRI) of ≥95, often used by photographers, videographers, and YouTube videos. They are also popular amongst Makeup artists and beauty vloggers.


Impeccable Colour Accuracy

Due to its high CRI rating of 95, you can rest assured that your subject’s true colours are being faithfully reproduced in your final footage or photograph, so there will be no need for colour correction in post-production. This makes it suitable for professional broadcast use, as well as for cinematography, TV productions. It is also as well as for stills photography. CRI (Colour Rendering Index) is a measure of a light source’s ability to faithfully reproduce colours in comparison to natural sunlight.


Shadowless Ring Catchlights

Whilst the RICO240 Ringlight can be used off-camera axis like a softbox or a beauty dish, they are typically positioned directly in front of your subject with the camera positioned in the centre of the ring light. This configuration produces a unique shadowless look to your photos and creates interesting ring-shaped catchlights in the eyes of your subject. This type of light-source is popular amongst portrait, beauty and fashion photographers. Ring lights are also great for product and food photography.


Adjustable Colour Temperatures

The RICO240B MKII Ringlight is a Bi-Colour light, meaning you can adjust the colour temperature anywhere between 5600K (Daylight) and 3200K (Tungsten), which is perfect when you have times where you need to match the light with the colour temperature of the ambient lighting in your shooting environment for more natural-looking results.



The RICO240B MKII Ringlight can be dimmed right down to approximately 10% of their full power using the control dial on the back of the light.


User Friendly Display

The RICO240B MKII Ringlight features a digital LED display, convenient to display the brightness and the colour temperature. It can also be controlled via a Wireless Remote Control (Sold Separately).


Tiltable Head

The light can be mounted to any standard lighting stand via its 5/8-inch mount. and features a tilt-head, enabling you to tilt the ring light forwards and backwards to position to your required needs.


Shoe- Mount Brackets

The RICO240B MKII comes with 3 different mounts, a shoe-mountable Smartphone bracket, which enables you to mount your phone directly to the light, enabling you take beautifully lit photos or video with your smartphone.It also comes with a camera bracket, which mounts to the back of the Ringlight, enabling you to mount a DSLR or Mirrorless camera directly to the light for times when you require higher quality photos or video and a shoe mount, which enables you to mount a wide range of different accessories directly to the light.


The RICO40B MKII LED Ring light is the perfect addition to the lighting arsenal of photographers, videographers and MUAs everywhere.