PiXAPRO PRO ST-IV 2.4GHz Flash Transmitter

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The PIXAPRO PRO ST-IV (equivalent to Godox's XPRO) a 2.4GHz TTL Radio flash trigger system capable of transmitting TTL information between your camera and compatible flashes. The PIXAPRO PRO ST-IV trigger has a transmission range of approximately 100m in an open area, and since the transmitter and receivers use radio waves as opposed to Infra-red, you don’t need direct line of sight and is not affected by bright sunlight which can sometimes cause problems with optical flash trigger systems.

The PiXAPRO PRO ST-IV transmitter features a large backlit Dot-Matrix LCD display, with a new and intuitive user-interface. The ST-IV now gives you the option of working with up to 5 groups (A, B, C, D and E) of flashes simultaneously. Each group can now be easily accessed via the five-dedicated group selection buttons, located at the side of the LCD screen. You can also mix TTL and Manual flashes together in one lighting set-up.

One of the PIXAPRO PRO ST-IV’s new features is its TCM function, which enables you to take a shot in TTL mode to attain the correct exposure and then convert the TTL power levels to display on the LCD as Manual power levels, all from the touch of a single button.

The PIXAPRO PRO ST-IV supports TTL, HSS (High-Speed Sync) Rear-Curtain sync and stroboscopic multi-flash. It also a USB Type-C port to enable you to update the ST-IV’s Firmware as new technologies become available.

The perfect solution for busy photographers who require a reliable TTL radio trigger system, with a quick and intuitive interface.

  • Large Dot Matrix LCD Screen Displaying 5 Groups
  • 5 Individual Dedicated Group Buttons
  • TCM Function – TTL – CONVERT – MANUAL
  • Built-in Zoom Controls
  • Global Adjustment of Group Power Levels (ALL Button)
  • Large Graphic Menu System with Multiple Custom Functions
What’s In the Box
  • 1x PIXAPRO PRO ST-IV TTL Trigger
    TTL Flash TTL Auto flash
    Manual Flash Control Yes
    Stroboscopic Flash Yes
    Radio Frequency 2.4GHz Transmission
    Power Supply 2x AA Batteries
    Manual Flash Triggering Yes
    High-Speed Sync Support Yes
    Second-Curtain Sync Support Yes
    Flash Exposure Compensation (FEC) Yes ±3 stops 1/3 stop increments
    Flash Exposure Lock (FEL) Yes
    AF Assist Beam Yes
    Modelling Lamp Control Yes
    Flash-Ready Tone Control Yes
    Zoom Control Yes (For flashes with a Zoom feature)
    TCM Function Transform TTL settings to Manual mode
    Memory Function Settings will be stored 2 seconds after last operation and recover after a restart.
    Working Range Approx. 0-100m (In an Open Area)
    Channels 32
    Groups 16
    Display Large Back-lit LCD Panel
    Upgradable Firmware Yes (Via USB Type-C Cable)
    Power Supply 2x AA Batteries
    Dimensions 90x58x50mm
    Net. Weight 80g

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    Pixapro trigger

    Posted by Darrell on 5th Jul 2023

    This trigger is reliable and does as it's expected. Menus are easy to navigate and I'd recommend it.