PiXAPRO EF Mount Optical Snoot Spot Projector

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The Pixapro® EF-Mount Optical snoot, together with canon EF or EF-S lenses, enables you to project patterns onto your subject or background, to produce creative or cinematic effects with your strobe or LED studio light. This is the ideal tool for any photographer or cinematographer, who like to get creative with their lighting. Perfect for fashion, beauty, portrait, food, and product photographers. It is also a great tool for filmmakers.

Compatible with Canon EF Lenses

Unlike most optical snoot projectors, the EF-Mount Optical snoot can be used in conjunction with any Canon EF or EF-S mount lenses, giving you the option of using either wide-angle lenses (for projections that cover a wide area) or telephoto lenses (for smaller, more controlled projections).

Gobos Available.

The EF-Mount Optical snoot has a wide range of gobos available for it, which enable you to project different shapes and patterns onto your background or subject. You can focus or de-focus the light to produce softer or sharper projections, depending on the type of look you are trying to achieve. It can also be used in conjunction with coloured gels for creative effects.

Interchangeable Fitting

The EF-Mount Optical snoot features an interchangeable speedring, which enables it to be used with a variety of different flash brands, including Bowens, Elinchrom, Broncolorand Profoto (please view compatibility table below for more information).

Tips and Recommendations

Although the EF-mount optical snoot can be used with any Canon EF or EF-S mount lenses, to get the best results, we recommend using fast prime lenses with a maximum aperture of about f/2.8 or wider (such as a 50mm or 85mm f/1.8). using lenses with smaller max. apertures will result in dimmer projections.

The Optical Snoot is the ideal tool for any photographer or cinematographer who likes to get creative and add mood with their lighting, which can range from fashion, portrait, editorial and product photographers.

Not Suitable for use with Hot Lights.

NOTE: Canon STM Lenses do NOT work with this Optical Snoot as they Cannot be manually focused unless attached to a camera body. 

NOTE: Flash head, stand, gobos and Lens are not included with this product.

  • Focuses light with Canon EF mount lenses.
  • Can be used in conjunction with Gobos and Gel filters
  • Great for adding creativity and mood to your shots
  • Interchangeable Speedring to allow you to adapt to fit a range of lighting units.
What’s In the Box
  • 1x Optical Snoot
  • 1x Gobo Holder
  • 9x Random Slides